Back Bars

Create a great event space for your guests and bartenders by including Gourmet Flexi portable back bars in your commercial bar designs. Designed to offer flexibility, each piece is a perfect complement to your commercial bar furniture.

Add striking visual interest to your portable bar by pairing it with a back-bar.

The L.E.D.-lit glass shelving holds barware and adds drama and excitement to any meeting or event.  

Eliminate skirted banquet tables holding glassware by adding matching back bars to your commercial portable bar.

  • Sliding or hinged doors in lower cabinets hide extra supplies so they are readily available but not visible to guests.
  • Glass shelves are set at a perfect height to accommodate all your glassware – from on-the-rocks to wine to martini glasses. 
  • L.E.D. lighting is available in cool, warm, and natural daylight colors and can be used electrically, battery-operated or both. 

Or, design your own custom piece. Contact us today to discuss commercial bar plans and designs.


Art deco


Art deco