Podiums and Lecterns

Gourmet Flexi manufactures what is often referred to as a lectern podium or podium lectern, for hotels, convention centers, meeting rooms, auditoriums, churches, lecture halls and more. From classic styles to sleekly elegant designs incorporating our Signature Swirl� pattern, our lectern podiums provide a convenient place for speakers� notes, laptop, microphone and more.�

In addition to great aesthetic design, these lectern podiums offer many practical features such as:

  • Battery-operated L.E.D. speaker�s light.
  • Top shelf with width to accommodate large-size laptops.
  • Pull-out shelf available on certain models.
  • Hidden casters provide easy mobility.��
  • Heavy-duty base is wide and provides stability.�
For something really special add a customized logo in acrylic or glass to the front of your lectern podium, etched with a special design or your logo.

When you're looking for a podium and lectern that is super-strong, with great style, you'll find it in a Gourmet Flexi lectern podium. Gourmet Flexi podiums will withstand years of everyday use in a variety of environments.

GFP-600 � Quarter Round Podium w/ Pull-Out Laptop Shelf
GFP-604 - Curved Podium
GFP-610 - Crowned Podium w/ Etched Acrylic or Glass Logo